And David his Ten Thousands…

There is truly nothing new under the son. Al Barry had the synod balloon (although, in his defense, there is some evidence this was thrust upon him). The Keischnick administration went all in from the starting bell with Ablaze!(tm). Apparently the current synod leadership has reached the “They did what?” phase of their administration. I give you: Nonsense word coffee coaster!


What does it mean? We’ll have to wait and see. Which is to say, it means nothing, because, and I can’t emphasize this enough, it’s NOT A WORD!!!!

Is it a confessional attempt to displace the Transforming Churches Network? Can’t be that, because the sort of people who like that won’t do something confessional anyway. Does it mean the Eucharist – the thing which feeds us, around which out life centers, and which draws us into the life of Christ and the communion of saints each Sunday morning? A quick check through the catechism would indicate that, although there are many names for the Lord’s Supper, Revitality is not among them. (In fact, every known term for the Lord’s Supper uses actual words.)

Whatever it means, this much is certain: The ad agency owes the synod a refund. Because, seriously?

Also, is that dark spot a water stain because it really is a coaster? Or is it a map of some country in Africa where we are moving our headquarters to be closer to the global center of Christianity, specifically the Lutheran Church? Only time will tell. Until then, all we have is the teaser coaster. And really, I think that’s enough.

No seriously. Stop now.


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