Buy These Books.

It’s a sale so big, it has people saying, “Affordable books from CPH???” And, as a public service, I got up early for the CPH warehouse sale so you don’t have to. I also went through the entire listing of academic resources. That’s right, I looked at every book on both pages. And here are the ones you need, if you don’t have them:

Fabricated Luther. Enough with the Nazi’s already. Almost Half off!

Also, Robert Preus (53% off!), Robert Preus (62% off!), and Robert Preus (59% off!).

All four books, only $56. And if you’d rather let Indiana Jones fight the Nazi’s, you can get Preus’s Lord of the Scripture Trilogy for only $36. (Plus S&H. We must never forget the S&H…)

So, if you’re wondering what Orthodoxy sounds like when it’s done right. Order up some Preus. Or Preus. Or Preus. You, your congregation, and the wider church will be glad you did.


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