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Pruning Like a Wild Boar

Posted in Uncategorized on October 23, 2015 by Country Preacher

In seminary we were told at least once a week, do not to go into a congregation “Like a bull in a China shop.” Well, Mythbusters proved that a bull in a China shop can actually be quite agile. Myth Busted.

The professors never warned against pruning vines like a wild boar. Of course, that’s not really a saying. But our Lord compares the church to a vineyard. He is the vine, we are the branches. And he prunes the branches (us) so that they (we) bear more fruit. Not necessarily a painless process, but a necessary one.

When the anti-Christ excommunicated Luther (Wait, that can’t be right…) he referred to the church as a vineyard, suggesting that Luther was a wild boar that threatened the vine. Of course, Luther (who was the angel with the pure and everlasting Gospel, prophesied in Revelation) was/is no threat to Christ’s church. He was just sent to reform – that is, to prune things a bit, and get rid of some dead wood.

October reminds us that the church is always in need of Reforming. I don’t claim Luther-like powers to understand the Gospel or to teach it. But, like the Wild Boar of old, I try to do my part, ham-fisted though it may be.

So the ForestBoar returns to the blogging vineyard. And, with the grace and elegance one might expect of such a delicate creature, I will once again ‘prune the hedges of many small villages’. (Bonus points if you know the 80’s movie that came from.)