End of an Era

For a glorious decade  and a half, Pixar was the go-to studio for movies that didn’t stink.  Fun, wholesome, family entertainment that, as often as not, espoused good Lutheran themes. (Vocation, anyone?)  And, most importantly for my wife and I, no potty jokes.  Even otherwise good movies from Disney apparently needed an entirely extraneous unnecessary scatological joke.  (We almost didn’t buy the otherwise delightful Enchanted because of one)  At a certain point, Dreamworks movies were simply off limits to the children.  They reveled in such humor. (Shrek is just not for children.)  Not Pixar.  Clean, wholesome fun for the family, time and again.

The era is over.  Pixar is now planning only sequels to previous films, rather than original movies.  And Cars 2 has the obligatory bathroom joke.  This one so inappropriate that if it were live action, it would immediately garner a PG rating.   And it is included in the trailer.  That’s right, they are leading with it.  They think it’s one of the best parts of the movie.

RIP Pixar.  We will miss you.


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