I am simply aghast.  I was sad because my congregation didn’t know the tune to “Awake Thou Wintry Earth”.  Then I discovered that it is also the tune to “When all the world was cursed.”  Joy of Joys!  We can sing the song this Easter.


We can’t.

It was apparently more important that we include a song by Twila Paris than this gem from a Bach Cantata.

Oh yeah.  “Earth and All Stars” made it too.

Maybe the electronic edition will be of help?  No.  But if you want to sing the fine Amy Grant hymn “Thy Word”, you can.

At least they didn’t include “In the Garden of Eden” by I. Ron Butterfly.


3 Responses to “Aghast”

  1. Hey Forest;
    If “In the Garden of Eden” worked for Rev. Lovejoy (actually Bart Simpson, more or less), it should work for us!! Image a whole congregation holding up Bic Lighters (If they still make Bic lighters: I confess that I do not know that information)…

  2. “When all the world was cursed” is a John the Baptist hymn. FYI.

    What is the context here? Where is it not possible to get these tunes?

    • forestboar Says:

      Yes, I knew that. My congregation does not know “Awake thou Wintry Earth”, but they know “When all the world was cursed,” which has the same tune. So they could sing “Awake Thou Wintry Earth” – if it were included in LSB. Which it isn’t. But the Twila Paris “Hymn” is included. Hence my rant.

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