A New Player

A decade and a half ago, when Dcs. Nielsen realized the pressing need for Lutheran VBS materials, she put together “Follow the Lamb”, which set the standard for all Lutheran VBS’s to follow.  One of the standards set was price : $150 complete.  A few years later, CPH, noting that her materials were actually Lutheran, offered her a position in charge of  Sunday School Curriculum.  The Sunday School Curriculum has never been stronger.  But, her loss as a VBS developer has been keenly felt.  Pax Domini Press has filled the void somewhat with their own fine materials.  Meanwhile, the competition has inspired CPH to reduce the overall cost of their own program.  (Although the quality remains a topic of rigorous debate throughout synod.)

But a new player has entered the market, and is exerting downward pressure on the price structure.  Lutheran Heritage Foundation is offering a complete program for only $125.  I haven’t looked at it, but as far as I’m concerned, a new player is always welcome on the playground.    The competition makes for better, cheaper and more distinctively Lutheran programs.  (I am such a capitalist)

If you haven’t selected your 2011 program yet, I encourage you to take a look at the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.  Program Details available HERE.

Also, as an aside, it is good to see that Chad Bird has again taken up the pen to author a hymn.  His hymns are always a great gift to the church.


One Response to “A New Player”

  1. I may be wrong but I believe River of Life is one one of Dcs. Nielsen’s VBS programs. I think when they hired her, since she could not longer sell them independently as an employee of CPH she sold one VBS program to CPH and whatever else she had to LHF. In any case, it’s not new but it is good.

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