To tide you over

While I am busy, a few lines of dialogue from my favorite book to tide you over :

“I just want you to know from the beginning, sir, that I am a believer.”

“So, you are a believer, I’m glad to hear that.  what do you believe in?”

“But, sir, I am simply saying that I am a believer.”

“Yes, I hear that, my boy.  But what is it that you believe in?”

“But don’t you know sir, what it means to be a believer?”

“That is a word which can stand for things that differ greatly, my boy.  I only ask what you believe in.”

“In Jesus, of course.  I mean-I mean that I have given him my heart.”

“Do you consider that something to give him?”

The Whole Book is worth a read.  If’ you’ve already read it, do so a second time.  If you’ve only read the white version, order the new orange one, with the final chapter included.

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