Wait… What?

In the mail recently, I received a missive from a small town in MN (Saint Paul is a small town, no?)  In it, there is a reprint of a theological opinion from the CTCRast regarding Laymen presiding over the Sacrament.  Now, given the Witchita Variata, one might assume that the CTCRast finds itself in an awkward position : Declaring the truth of our confessions in spite of our synod’s unfaithfulness.  But fret not, the CTCR, while condemning Lay-administration, notes in footnote 1, “…this request does not pertain to questions about the service of ‘licenced lay deacons,’ but about lay men ‘commissioned’ by the congregation….”  So, it’s all ok then.

Of course, one might wonder what would happen if the CTCR were asked specifically about that case, given that their answer in other cases roughly translates to “Are you daft, man!  Have you not read Augustana XIV!”

Perhaps it is time to fix this little problem we have with our confessions.

Dare to dream…


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