A Clarification

In my previous post, I said, “They should be sued.”  Do I then mean that I think the government should be able to direct churches to hire (or rehire) certain teachers?  Am I suggesting that LCMS members should not abide by the dispute resolution process to which we implicitly (or explicitly, depending our your point of view) agree when we become members of the synod?  You can also insert here any other questions regarding the major legal issues regarding this case, because the answer to all of them is :


My point, amid all those words, was very simply this:

The church exists for a specific purpose.  So then also should any and all schools that the church may open.  We really need to keep that purpose front and center.  When the focus wanders, strange things happen, and we end up doing things that act against that purpose.

Also, we can not justify each and every action we take with the statement “We are The Church!  Of course our actions are justified.”  Such arguments have fueled injustice from the beginning of time, including the death of the prophets, the death of our Lord, the absolute certainty that the Roman Pontiff couldn’t be wrong about Luther, and even the recent death sentence handed down to Said Musa for the crime of converting to Christianity.  (By the Grace of God, he has been released, and is now safely in another country.)


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