In keeping with my no-synod-politics  rule, the following is just a report.

My congregation voted against both LCMS constitutional amendments.  Even without my opinion being offered, they were immediately skeptical of removing the Treasurer from the Board of Directors.  Not a single one could see any good use for that.  When I suggested that it would be the same as removing the congregational treasurer from our church council, they actually got fire in their eyes.

As for the second, well, they voted no on it.  Shortest conversation regarding synod matters I’ve ever seen.

We also nominated two men for President of the Fort Wayne seminary.  The first is the Reverend  Professor Doctor Chaplain  Daniel Gard, Dean of Chaplaincy for Concordia Theological Seminary, Captain, USN.

The second is Larry Something.  He has a degree from somewhere too.  Not sure what he does at the seminary.  I think he’s the advisor for Personal Growth.  Or an Admissions officer.  Something like that.  Anyway, the people seem to like him.  He has that “common touch” that brings out the checkbooks, so I thought we’d mention him too.  He’s also just cute as the dickens.




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