Not Surprising

That a church built on the idea of representation based on power to various political groups would publish a book on politics and power in the LCMS should not, I suppose, surprise me.

The era that is addressed is, of course, the seminex era.  But being the pastor of a congregation that split over the whole “Can we trust what God tells us or not” discussion, I have a perhaps different view than most.  I have read through the papers of the congregation and of the pastor from that era, and I can see how the ELIM crowd was attempting to use mass uprising theories like those of Marx and Lenin to try and overthrow the regime of the Preuses.  The failure of this tactic is due only to the steadfastness of the laity of that period, and their ability to see through the talk of “the freedom of the gospel” to the gospel reductionism and rampant denial of God’s Word.

As an aside, I will not be purchasing this book.  I have Zimmerman’s, Marquardt’s, and have read Tietjen’s*.  I think that is sufficient to understand what happened in a thorough enough way to function in the LCMS in these latter days.  This book will interest mainly those who lived through it and supported the Seminex faculty, a rapidly shrinking demographic.

*Note: Even if Tietjen’s account is exactly what happened, and he was that horribly mistreated, he was still a heretic that needed to be removed.  His own book clearly demonstrates that.  Or, as Jeff Foxworthy might put it, “If you think that Jesus didn’t actually do the miracles, and that he probably wasn’t born of a virgin, and that the Resurrection wasn’t really all that important to our theology, you just might be a heretic.”


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