Calendar Award

Each Year I eagerly await the latest crop of calendars from various church related entities.   Our congregation gets three : One from each seminary, and one from Thrivent.  And each year, I evaluate the calendars to see which one is most overtly religious.

This year’s winner (For the second year in a row) : Thrivent!

It used to be that the seminaries would alternate which was doing a theological calendar, and which was doing a “human interest” calendar.  But lately, the seminaries have headed in a more “human interest” direction, which Thrivent (which used to thrive on human interest) has veered sharply toward theology.

So, kudos to Thrivent, and keep up the good work.  You win the “Which calendar is posted in the office at my congregation?” award for 2011.  And to our runner’s up, better luck next year.  And remember: Religious art.


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