All the News That Shouldn’t Be In Print

The New York Times does it again, although the link here is from FoxNews, which helpfully spreads the damaging intelligence reports.  Read the story HERE.

Part of me is deeply offended that, once again, our intelligence is becoming a matter of public record.  (I mean, sure, it would be news if someone printed the codes to launch the missiles, but would that be a good idea?  Just because you have the information does not mean you should distribute it.)  The other part of me is wondering why the Times thinks that anyone did not already figure this out for themselves.

I mean really.  If there was a sudden bombing run on the Iranian Nuke facilities,  I would know before I heard any more that either we or the Israelis had carried it out.  It’s not exactly a state secret that we are the two biggest targets of Iran if they get Nuclear Weapons.  So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that we two have the greatest interest in preventing them from joining our dubious, but very elite club of nations-who-can-kill-millions-with-a-single-explosion.


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