Musings on the Printed Word

I received three publications today in the mail and


Yes folks, the new, hip Lutheran Witness, with no more heartwarming stories of my first love, or the time I thought about my long-departed great-great-grandparents, or the time my dog got rabies and had to be put down. (Oh, wait, that’s Old Yeller.  My bad.)

No, from now on it’s going to be theology, theology, theology from cover to cover.

Looks like it might actually be time to suggest that my congregation members start buying it again.  (We stopped a few years ago because of high costs and low quality.  How many issues can you read about the Concordia University System before you realize you are paying to read college ads?)It contains articles by Albert Colver III, David P. Scaer, and Gene Vieth.  The Bible study is by Confessional up-and-comer Gerald Melius.  (Seriously, how much of a confessional stud do you have to be to co-author extra verses for Amazing Grace that mention Baptism and the Eucharist?) If you don’t get this magazine, get it.

Next up: Issues in Christian Education, which asks the critical, and not at all last-decade question, “Is technology essential to teaching the Faith?”  No, but it can be helpful, like anything else.  What you need to teach the faith is The Word.  Everything else either contributes to or distracts from it.  So why spend an entire issue (32 academic pages) addressing this simple question?  Because they are going to an on-line only format with their next issue. Ahh, that makes sense, then.

And finally, a publication I don’t receive, and wouldn’t read if I did.  It reprinted an article from Lutheran Forum that “reviews” the latest sacrifice which the CTCR offered on the altar of modernity, “together with all creation.”  The review is to this report what Red Letter Media is to the first three Star Wars films.  (CAUTION : Offensive language at that link.)  If you don’t read one article in this publication this year, make sure this is the one you don’t read.  I suppose if you just can’t bring yourself to not read this publication (Goodness knows I certainly don’t) you can subscribe to Lutheran Forum and not read it there.  But make sure you get a chance to not read it.  It is the best argument to date for abolishing entirely the CTCR (Annual Savings, 100 Billion Dollars).

That’s the mail bag for today, except for some bills that I forwarded to the church treasurer, and the local ad sheet.  ooh, a sale at the car dealership.  I did not see that coming.



One Response to “Musings on the Printed Word”

  1. Carl Vehse Says:

    Even if you don’t read the review, according to the reviewer, Peter Speckhard, his TWAC review “[d]idn’t include ‘pukefest’ or ‘painfully bad’, though it could be argued that both were implied.” So you won’t miss that. But you will miss his comments on the TWAC’s claim, “We are the first generation in history to see the population of the world double in our own lifetimes.”

    If so, you can just read this double dactyl instead:

    Garden of Edenly,
    Adam/Eve (No Last Name)
    read about TWAC’s first
    world-doubling claim.
    “Beat us? No way!,” winked Eve
    “After this apple let’s
    see if we’re game.”

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