Alma Mater Presidentus

The ever connected Mollie Zeigler Hemmingway is reporting that Dr. Wenthe will be retiring (no date is given.)  According to her sources, a faculty search committee has already formed.

While there is a rather long and involved process for this, the final choice of a new president comes down to a majority of four electors.  Two of whom are:

Matthew Harrison.

Robert Kuhn.

So, I think the seminary will be in good hands.

PS.  While there is a long way to go, and many names will be added to the pot, I would say that the odds-on favorite at this point in the process is perennial bridesmaid and current Dean of the Faculty, The Rt. Reverend Honorable Dr. Larry Rast, B.A., M.Div, M.A, PhD, AAGG. (All Around Great Guy)  They’ve been grooming him since the moment he stepped on campus.  I should know, I was a student at the time, and the moment he showed his lovable mug (about 5 minutes before I graduated), people were saying, “He’s the next President.”


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