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Liturgical Trivia

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2011 by Country Preacher

So, I know, most readers here are wondering whether there can in fact even be a trivial liturgical point.   (Insert You-Can-Negotiate-With-A-Terrorist joke here.)

But, for those who are wondering what might be liturgical, and still trivial, how about the following fun fact:

This is the first year with all the Sunday’s after Epiphany since 2000, and it will be the last time it happens until 2038.  So, this is the last time I will preach on the Wheat and Tares until I am old enough for Medicare.

I guess it better be a pretty good sermon.


The Winner Is…

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I generally view the Darwin awards with disdain. Celebrating people dying seems unwholesome, and certainly goes against the spirit (and for that matter the letter) of the fifth commandment.
However, I think the 2011 winner of the Darwin award is already pretty much a lock, and was since a few minutes after midnight on January 1.
A suicide bomber had the explosives strapped on and was ready to go. An accomplice would detonate them remotely with a cell phone when she got into position surrounded by innocent bystanders.
And then her cell phone company sent a text message wishing her a happy new year…
Read here if you enjoy that sort of thing.

It does not mean…. Part infinity

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Headline of the day:

World’s supply of sustainable cocoa could run out by 2014


USA : Wyoming Style

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Well, since I have pretty much kept my promise to avoid synod politics in my blogging, I haven’t managed to offend anyone for almost a month.

I thought you might enjoy (or not) a little map I made up of the US, as seen from Wyoming.

You have to click a couple of times to see it full size, and read the tiny print in Wyoming itself.


Cheaper than Walmart?

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And more eco-conscious as well.


More fun with Caskets

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Anyone brave enough to ask about prices from these guys.

I love Engrish.  I love cheap caskets.  Engrish and Cheap caskets all on the same website?  It must be my birthday.

Only a Matter of Time

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Save Money.

Live Better.

Die Better.

You just know when I go, I’m going in one of those babies.