Socialized Education

It turns out that socialized education works about as well as any other form of socialism.

HT to Veith.

I knew a girl in Chicago who graduated from the CPS, and, after tiring of failing the Army Entrance exam, decided to go to college.  For nursing.

I think that, if states want to “guarantee” an education, they should simply offer a grant of $XXXX per child of school age, which the parents can then use to purchase education at the school of their choice.

For about the next decade, there would be a mad scramble for the money.  But the bad schools would dry up.  The good schools would rise up.  Students would learn.  And the state could raise money by renting out the now-vacant public school buildings to private schools.  Of course, some parents would still send their children to public schools.  Which they would be free to do.  And faced with competition, maybe the public schools would actually teach something.



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