The House of God

About a decade ago, I prepared “Guidelines for God’s House” that look at the different parts of the church, and what was, and was not, appropriate in those places.  I don’t know how good or useful this particular writing is, but I do feel that more respect is due to the house of God, the place where the word is proclaimed and the sacraments administered.  After all, the church is a “holy house.”  Such a place should never be treated irreverently.

Since this was many years ago, I can not guarantee I will agree with everything I then wrote.  I like to think that my theological outlook has developed and matured.  Of course, I don’t know that I disagree with anything in it either.  In short, I haven’t looked at it in nearly a decade, but I encourage you to, if you are interested. (Some build up, huh?)

Guildelines for God’s House Full page

If you prefer pub format (editable, if you have MS Publisher), you can get it from mediafire, HERE.


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