Done and Not Done.

Every pastor plans on writing a book. (After all, our members are all so very blessed by our wisdom, we really should share it with the wider church.)
I have been working on one (Catechesis) for a few years now, and today I reached a milestone :
I finished the first draft.
It is very rough, and far from complete, but the first draft is finished.
Of course, I plan to simultaneously publish a study of catechetics. That is only as far as the outline stage, so I have a lot to do yet. (To my knowledge, the last treatment of the topic was Reu in 1917. Time for a 21st century look at the topic.)
But still, finished the first draft of the catechesis portion. To me, that’s huge, so I thought I would share with you.
And there was much rejoicing – yeaaah….


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