Putting Christ In Christmas


The following is from the archives.  The comments are by The Reverend J. Kuntz, pastor of Trinity in Wheatland from 1959-1961.  I agree.

There is a sign beneath a  manger scene in the window of one of our  stores which reads, ‘Put Christ into your  Christmas.’ Sometimes I feel this world actually thinks we can and actually expects us  to do something about it, as if it were some sort of simple trick like pulling on puppeteer’s strings and there Christ would be — all safe and neatly tucked in the manger,  back in Christmas. It’s fascinating how we  human beings play with words. We become  kings with them, using a few and snapping a  finger to make things happen in our own  little empire — putting Christ back into  Christmas, pulling him out of it, just as  if we had the power to do so. “Put Christ  into your Christmas”

Christ is in Christmas. We did not put  him there, the father did. We cannot take  him out of it, only in our minds and actions.  However, if Christ, the gift of god, is at  home in our hearts and lives, then he will  truly be in our Christmas.


Back to me : The way to make certain that Christ is in your Christmas it to make certain that the the Mass is in your Christmas.  That is how you make certain that you keep Christ with you always, that he is with you and in you every day of the year.  Begin by celebrating the feast which he instituted and gives.


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