Rules for Me, not for Thee Update

On another website, a person referenced my post, and claimed that I said “there is no constitutional position of Chief Financial Officer in the Missouri Synod, at least until, and if, congregations vote 2/3s or more approval on Resolution 8-10 before the deadline in March of next year.”

I never said that.  Even should the constitutional amendment pass, this will be true.  CFO falls under “Other officers, as specified in the Bylaws”, now, as it will then.  There is no problem with having a CFO.  My objection is solely that there is no Treasurer, which according to the constitution there should be.  He is a non-voting member of the BOD.  According to the constitutional requirements, he could be appointed by the BOD, so the failure of the convention to elect him is not even an issue for me.

Indeed, my entire objection would disappear if Mr. Wulf had been named, “Vice-President-Finance-Treasurer/CFO.”

It may seem that my objection is a technical one.  Perhaps it is.  I am not planing on filing a lawsuit.  I just think that, if the constitution requires someone to hold a specific office with a specific title, then we should make certain that there is someone in that specific office who holds that specific title.  It is a matter of working together in the manner we have agreed to, even if it seems redundant and picky.  It is doing those picky things that assures people that we are also doing the no-so-picky things.

Some have used my comments to impugn the integrity of the synod’s BOD, which thing I was not trying to do.  I was attempting to deal with what I see as a serious issue, even though it is very minor, and do so in a humorous way.  I did not intend it to be used as a means for criticizing what I see as the fine work of the BOD.  Indeed, since the previous CCM approved this very situation in which we find ourselves, it could be said that I am objecting to the opinion of the CCM which allowed it.  Or to the committee that proposed it.  Or to the entire BRTFSSG that thought this was the way to go in the first place.  Or to the convention, which did not demand to elect a treasurer in the interim.  I was not trying to take shots at individuals or the integrity they bring to the table in serving our synod.

I am just pointing out that, until March, the constitution does require a treasurer, and we don’t have one.  Nothing more or less than that.  As for the previous post, well, let’s call it “a botched joke.”


2 Responses to “Rules for Me, not for Thee Update”

  1. Hmm… I thought I was the only one who didn’t understand that previous post. That said, I didn’t try to make anything of it either.

  2. Carl Vehse Says:

    Rev. Winter,

    I referenced your post on BJS and while I did not quote you, I did indicate that you pointed out that there is not currently a constitutional position of Chief Financial Officer in the Missouri Synod.

    I apologize. I did not present an accurate phrasing on my part of what you actually did say – “Apparently, that doesn’t apply to corporate synod. No point in waiting until the constitution is actually amended to start acting like it is.”

    As you pointed out, you were referring to the fact that “neither the Synod in convention nor the BOD have filled the (for now) constitutionally required office of Vice-President-Finance-Treasurer.”

    On that you re correct, based on Resolution 8-39 which specifies that the Vice-President-Finance-Treasurer is to be appointed by the BOD, “after consultation with and with the concurrence of the President of the Synod.”

    If Res. 8-10 is not passed by congregations, then the BOD is going to have to revise a number of bylaws (using the open-ended authority given in Res. 8-12A). From what you have noted, the BOD would also have to appoint Mr. Wulf or someone to the constitutional position of Vice-President-Finance-Treasurer, which is currently vacant.

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