Windy City Politics

Is there anyone on the face of the earth that thinks Rahm Emanuel will be found ineligible to serve as mayor of the city of Chicago? I mean, this is the city where the polling stations have posters that say, “Vote early, vote often”. On election day, the city buses stop at the cemeteries to pick up voters. The mayor wins re-election with 104% of the vote. When Aldermen get elected, they just move directly to prison to save time.
And people really believe that the President’s chief of staff will not be able to be mayor simply because he doesn’t live there? I’ll bet that 1,000 people suddenly come out of the woodwork to say they have talked to him every day outside of his Chicago home for the last twenty years – including the time he spent in Washington.
The unbelievable thing to me is that anyone believes this will even slow him down.


One Response to “Windy City Politics”

  1. The scary candidate for me is Carol Moseley Braun. She did nothing for us as a senator (couldn’t even get a public transportation bill out of committee), she was ambassador to New Zealand, and now she feels qualified to be mayor of Chicago.

    Who are my other choices. I don’t want either of these two.

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