Rules for Thee, Not for Me

So, what do you think would be the reaction of the powers-that-be if a congregation decided to change their constitution and bylaws, and then started using them immediately, even before they received the approval of the district constitution committee?

Apparently, that doesn’t apply to corporate synod.  No point in waiting until the constitution is actually amended to start acting like it is.

The next time the powers-that-be bring up the “giving up our rights so that we can walk together in an orderly way” speech, I’m going to pull out the old, “I learned it from watching you!”

PS. On a related note, does it seem to anyone else that the new CFO looks a lot like the old one, except the new picture is in color?

UPDATE: It has been suggested that I am not being fair, since the CFO exists only in the bylaws, which are being properly carried out.   Therefore, let me be clear : My objection is not that the BOD has appointed someone to the properly amended bylaw position of CFO.  I object that neither the Synod in convention nor the BOD have filled the (for now) constitutionally required office of Vice-President-Finance-Treasurer.   My apologies for any un-clarity.


4 Responses to “Rules for Thee, Not for Me”

  1. Rev. Michael Kumm Says:

    You need to do your handbook devotions on convention actions. The constitution amendment has nothing to do with the appointment of the CFO. That was all by-laws. You owe “corporate synod” an apology….or at least those who are responsible for the actions…we need to think before we publicly accuse.

    • According to Article X of the Constitution of synod, which is in force in it’s current form until “six months from the date on which the amendment (from the 2010 convention regarding the office of Treasurer) is submitted for vote, provided a two-thirds majority of the votes cast within that period shall have favored the amendment”,

      The officers of the Synod are:
      1. A President
      2. Vice-presidents, in line of succession, as prescribed by the Bylaws
      3. A Secretary
      4. A Vice-President–Finance—Treasurer not in line of succession
      5. A Board of Directors
      6. Other officers, as specified in the Bylaws.

      So, I guess my question is : Who is currently serving the synod in the constitutionally mandated position of “Vice-President–Finance—Treasurer”? Because, as I understand it, no one has been elected to, or appointed to, that position since the expiration of the term of VP-FT Kuchta, which was September 1.
      My objection is not to the appointment of a CFO, but to the failure to appoint a VP-FT until such time as the constitution no longer requires one. Perhaps I should have been clearer.

      • Rev. Michael Kumm Says:

        Then once again, you are not paying attention to the announcement article itself, along with all of the other convention news that states Kuchta has agreed to stay on until the new CFO is appointed and in an advisory capacity for up to an additional six months. Whether you call him VP-finance or CFO, the “functions” of the mandated position are filled and being accomplished. There is no violation of the constitution.

      • But was not the very point of the amendment to change the title of the position from VP-FT to CFO? Which has not yet occurred. Calling things by different names is not in insignificant matter. If it were, there would have been no need to change the constitution to allow the name change. Or is there a greater significance to the constitutional change? In which case, one must ask, what exactly is the significance, and which version of the constitution are we following.
        I think that, given how insistent corporate synod is that congregations follow the synod bylaws in all their workings, it sets a very bad precedent when the synod even appears to be ignoring its own constitution. The title of the office he holds is VP-FT until March 15. And no one at synod is calling it that.
        I think ultimately, we will disagree on this point.

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