More Ranting

So, as you may have guessed, I am reading a summary of the latest COP meeting.  There was a report from the committee on “Can’t we All Just get along?”  I had not noticed it before (since I didn’t read the report pre-convention), but their list of problems are entirely institutional.  There is no hint at all that doctrine is a problem. Beyond that, their entire methodology is faulty.  They suggest that there is unity (joined together in Christ with all Christians), Concord (agreement in doctrine) and harmony (getting along).


Dividing them basically makes anyone who says that we are not doctrinally in agreement a divider.  We are united in Christ, after all.  Doctrine simply gets in the way of harmony.  This entire process is faulty, and so should be rejected.  If the POTS follows this methodology in his Koinonia project, it is doomed before it even begins.  Let us pray he does not.  We can not seek administrative solutions to problems of disunity.  And that is what we have.  It won’t work.   I haven’t seen a COP report that has upset me this much in quite some time.

The only bright spot?  They were actually discussing doctrine.  Which is probably why I found it so disagreeable.  They didn’t used to do that.  Now that we are talking about doctrine, the cracks, which had been covered over with the paint of administrative unity, will become obvious.  This is actually a good thing.  If we are not united in doctrine (that is, united to Christ and his word) then we are not united at all.  Our unity (concord, harmony, call it what you will) exists only insofar as we have a common confession in Christ.  It can not exist in any other way.  A search for other ways to be united will ultimately fail.  So, bring on the doctrine.


2 Responses to “More Ranting”

  1. Where did you find a copy of the COP meeting summary?

    • forestboar Says:

      You should contact your District President. Ours sends one out after each meeting, usually while waiting for his flight.

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