Save the Humanities by Getting rid of them.

An article over at minding the campus discusses the oft heard cry of “save the humanities” at college campuses.  The writer makes the point that the best way to save them is to actually get rid of what passes for humanities on college campuses.

We always think that the most dangerous thing about going to college is those atheistic science courses.  But in most cases, the professor doesn’t really care what your opinion of evolution is.  You would likely hear very little on the topic in in a physics or chemistry class about it, because it has nothing whatever to do with those things. If you can finish your lab work, the professor is unlikely to care whether you are Christian, Hindu, Islam, or a believer in Dawkin’s great spaghetti monster.

But the humanities made up of a virulently anti-Christian professoriat that will make certain their views on the subject are known, and will persecute anyone who does not adhere to the orthodoxy of atheist/Marxist/socialist ideology which they have been spewing for decades.  Worth a read.


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