A Primer on the Macedonian Churches

Once again, for those who are unclear, I offer the following Primer on when it is and is not appropriate to use “The Macedonian Churches” as an example.

Appropriate :

  1. When collecting money to alleviate the suffering of the church in Jerusalem, and you want to show the wealthy Corinthians an example of poor people who knew how to give.
  2. If there is an earthquake in Haiti, and poor people there are suffering as well.
  3. If you are demonstrating how much the Christians in poor countries are sacrificing to help those even less fortunate than themselves, and therefore we who live in the wealthiest country in history can obviously afford to give to help them.
  4. When encouraging people to give to mission efforts among those who are desperately poor, but still want to hear and learn the Gospel. (The Sierra Leone project immediately springs to mind.)
  5. You get the idea.

Not Appropriate :

  1. When setting the District Budget for the year.
  2. When discussing shortfalls to the District Budget for the year.
  3. When attempting to pay off District Real Estate Speculation that went bad. (Actually happened, though not in my current district)
  4. When attempting to do anything that involves a “full time staff member” who works in a building that can in any way be referred to as “the home office.”
  5. When attempting to raise money so that white middle class European Americans can continue to keep their middle class America job, no matter what that job is.
  6. And don’t even think about using it in your congregation to raise money to build a new building.  I haven’t heard about it being done, but if I do, rest assured, there will be some serious forest-boar-ageddon.   It wouldn’t be pretty.

Verbum sapienti satis est


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