The Best Headline that No One Read

Today’s issue of I Don’t Know What Weekly Periodical You are Talking About has the best headline in 20 years.  How do I know that when I never read it?  As I tear it into little pieces, light it on fire and then stomp on the ashes, I can’t help but glance at the headline.  (I then punch myself in the eyes as penance).

The last time there was a headline this good was “PREUS SACKED!”, after Dr. Robert Preus was unceremoniously and forcibly retired by the Fort Wayne Board of Regents.  Today the headline reads :


You’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty awesome headline.  Not that I read it.


One Response to “The Best Headline that No One Read”

  1. Ah, yes. That weekly periodical.

    Which brings me to a shameless plug:

    Scroll down to see a couple choice shots of Dr. Scaer.

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