More electronic thoughts.

This whole electronic line of thought got me thinking :

LCMS Districts only share material on pastors electronically.  When we transfer from one district to the next, it’s all handled online.

I have begun making and filling membership transfer requests online.   There is no actual reason that it has to involve paper and the USPS.  So my question:

How many other pastors out there (among the two that read my blog) use electronic media to send transfers.  I don’t text message them (yet), but I copy and paste the letter into e-mail, which saves me having to deal with the “print envelope” setting on my computer.  (We don’t get along).  Comment, or take the poll on the sidebar.


2 Responses to “More electronic thoughts.”

  1. If the districts only deal with material electronically, why can’t we get documents from them electronically? When we were going through the (long and drawn-out) process to call an associate pastor/headmaster, everything was given to us in paper, and took forever for us to receive it (despite the fact that we are 5 miles from the district office). And then we have to scan all those reams of paper if we are going to share it electronically with the committee members. It makes absolutely no sense.

  2. I am a circus counselor and asked why we couldn’t do as you suggest. The answer was that “you can never be sure the email get there.” TO which I should have replied. “you trust the USPS?” But I didn’t.

    But with your post I will now send all transfers via email. Thank you for the post.

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