Ahh Good, I see nothing has changed.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.  When Dr. Barry was in office, each year the Reporter would have a banner headline detailing the membership decrease in our synod.

For the nine years that Dr. Keischnick was in office, I don’t recall seeing such headlines.

Must be a conservative back in the Presidential Suite because the top headline for the Reporter was :

Synod membership declines, giving increases.

Of course. It took them eleven months to come up with that headline?  I do appreciate that they saved “membership decreases” for after the new president took office.

The average attendance rose slightly.  So, while membership as a whole declined, there are more people hearing and receiving the gifts of God on the Lord’s Day.   That’s actually excellent news.  Far more important than increased giving.

Oddly, the increase in church attendance was not listed as a positive note.  You can tell because the very next paragraph lets us know what the real positive news is : “Specialized Ministries” are being more fully reported.  Yes, the excellent news to come from the statistical report is that more congregations are using the “specialized ministry” questionnaire.  There was an almost 20-fold increase in the use of the form.  And that represents real progress in the church.


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