A Rare Treat

We cleaned the church office out this weekend, and found a box of old bulletins from the 40’s-80’s.  Of greatest interest was the folder from 1975.  The pastor of Trinity at the time was the Director of ELIM for the Wyoming District.   As a special treat, I also found what I can only assume are his sermon outlines.  For your reading enjoyment and edification, I have scanned one of them for you.  Enjoy a ELIM-approved sermon.  (The pastor was removed less than six months later, and helped to form another Lutheran Church in town.  It is now part of the ELCA.)


6 Responses to “A Rare Treat”

  1. Fortunately he didn’t become one of the many who went “underground” and stayed in.

    I have to ask: Is this fairly representative of the old ELIM crowd? I’m a young guy (37), and grew up in a different synod (LCR, but now am independent), and so I really haven’t been exposed to a lot of Seminesque preaching directly.

    • forestboar Says:

      I can’t speak to preaching during that era. I can say that it isn’t really what I heard from that crowd some 30 years later in a different part of the country. But by then the swords were no longer sharpened for battle.
      It was typical of the sort of preaching they heard modeled in the chapel. I had a ms for a chapel sermon from CTM at the time, and it was pretty much the same dreck. (Actually worse)

  2. I really wish the punchline to the beer joke would have been printed out. But I am just looking for sermon material.

    • forestboar Says:

      I have the entire ms for his Easter sermon. I’m saving it for a special occasion, because it’s sixteen different kinds of special.

  3. Ye gods. I’m liking Dean Wenthe’s “ordination pill” idea more and more.

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