Wait a minute… What???

So, a man seeks an injunction barring the state from executing him because he questions whether the drug they are using is safe.  I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that the drug is supposed to be unsafe.  It is supposed to kill you.

The judge granted it, the ninth circuit (Motto : “SCOTUS Uverturnus”) upheld it, and he Supremes only overturned by a 5-4 vote.

It’s the death penalty.  It’s supposed to kill him.  And causing suffering is not to be totally equated with “cruel or unusual.”  In point of fact, in some cases it may actually be “absolutely justified and completely normal” punishment.  A guy who committed murder after escaping from prison where he was serving time for second degree murder.  Not too concerned on my part.  Not suggesting drawing and quartering, but I don’t think a few seconds of discomfort on his part as the state justly takes his life would keep me awake at night.  Not even if I was on the jury.  Or pushed the plunger on the medication.  (Although the needle would likely cause me to pass out.  I have a thing about them.)


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