I play one on TV

NB : I know I have a hard-line policy against giving publicity to this “incident”, but the above is from the court filings themselves, which I have encouraged all to read.  As the following pages make clear,  the CCM must changed so that it is :

1) An body elected by and answerable to the synod in convention

2) placed under the authority of the synod convention such that, any decision which is disputed at the level of the circuit forum or higher must be brought to the convention for a vote, and that without such vote to affirm, the ruling is automatically retracted and considered void.

Now on to the post :

I’m not a lawyer (see above) but as a pastor (and student of theology) it is my task to read and determine the meaning of documents.

In this case, (second document) I understand the LCMS attorney to be arguing :

1) The CCM now interprets doctrine.  One assumes that the opposing attorney will cite every CCM opinion where they specifically discount there ability to interpret doctrine, and punt to the CTCR (which they almost never did in the period 2001-2010, for some unknown reason…) Either the LCMS attorney of record is woefully misinformed as the function of the CCM, or is deliberately attempting to deceive the court.  The CCM in no way interprets doctrine.  It is so far beyond the scope of their authority that one can quote Luther himself to show that there is no “highest authority on doctrine” in the LCMS beyond the Word of God.

2) The District President has authority to determine who is a member of a congregation.  Not sure what … ummm… “hat” they pulled that out of, but I’m sure it was a long way in, and very dark .


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  1. Thanks bunches for this posting. Much has been said, but few have linked this or commented on the implications. Thanks again!

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