Where’s the Beef

I ama big fan of Fr. Eckardt, the bishop of Kewanee, and head editor of Gottesdienst magazine.  When he goes on a grammar/syntax rant, I usually wear out my neck muscles modding in agreement.  But this time,  I think he misses the mark.

He claims that the work “church worker” is beyond lousy.  I’m not seeing it.  Now, I would love for President Harrison to undertake a serious reflection of terminology.  (Though I think we have bigger problems)  But I don’t see what the beef is with using the term “church worker.”

Does our Lord not say, “Pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the harvest”?  Is not another word for “laborer” “worker”?  Is it not actually translated that way in some English bibles?  And do not these laborers work in the Holy Church?

It seems as fitting as anything, and far less wordy and clumsy than “Pastors, Deaconesses, Teachers, Directors of Christian Education, Directors of Christian Outreach, Director of Parish Music…”



2 Responses to “Where’s the Beef”

  1. Paul Beisel Says:

    I think the point he is making is that “Church worker” is used to cover a whole host of non-Pastoral “workers.” When Christ says “send laborers into the harvest,” is he talking about DCE’s, etc.?

    • forestboar Says:

      Fr. Eckardt doesn’t usually have a problem with perspicuity. If that was his point, it would be the first time I have read anything by him and totally misconstrued what he said.
      While I agree with your larger point, but that did not seem to be the point he was making. Your point has more to do with the entire culture of our synod, and our entire definition of the work of the church and the doctrine of the Office of the Holy Ministry, which, as far as I can tell, is a poorly patched together mix of rationalism, pietism and good ole’ Jeffersonian democracy.
      I think he was objecting to the term itself in any use.
      Of course, I may be wrong (and probably am.)

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