Awareness Doesn’t Seem to be Helping.

Domestic Abuse splashed onto the small screen back int eh 1980’s with the movie “The Burning Bed.”  Since then, our culture has been inundated with the message that domestic abuse is not OK.  Laws have been passed, marches have been marched, vigils have been held, people have been instructed, and overall, it is fair to say that in the past two decades few social problems have received as much attention as domestic abuse.  (Except perhaps drinking and driving.)

So, the real question is : Why is it not getting better?

In a recent article about a domestic abuse vigil in Casper, WY, the end of the article notes, “The domestic violence problem is escalating among youth… In 1999, a survey of high school students reported that 10.2 percent of them had been slapped, hit, or physically abused in the past 12 months… That percentage rose to 15 percent in a 2009 survey.”

So, what’s up with that?  We are all aware of the problem.  Why has that not helped?  Could it be our culture of death?  Our radical individualism?  Our collective rejection of the Judeo-Christian tradition of morality?  The increase of the “hook-up” culture, which is even worse than the era of “Free love.”  At least their grandparents knew that sex carried attachments like love.  Now, it supposed to be a big nothing.  Just a way to enjoy being the sexual person you are.  And yet, this culture has made it more dangerous to be in a relationship, not less.

Perhaps there is something to chastity, monogamy and marriage after all.

Nah, that can’t be it.


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