I Confess

I was watching “I Confess”, the Hitchcock classic starring Montgomery Clift, and enjoying the integrity of the seal of the confessional. Of course, I looked the movie up online afterward (I think it’s the law now that you must do that). I found out that in the original, the priest actually hangs. Now, this of course makes me loosen my collar a little and take a deep breath. But what a great ending. The more I think about it, the more I like it.
The sin really was taken away from the man by the priest. I thought about reading the play, but it’s all in French. Which would be pointless, as I don’t speak French. It’s a foreign language, you see. One that I don’t know.


One Response to “I Confess”

  1. I love that movie. Big Hitchcock fan. It wasn’t the only time he had to change the ending of a great film. In “Suspicion,” Joan Fontaine thinks her husband (a very young Cary Grant) is planning to poison her, so she writes a letter ratting him out & gives it to him to post as he delivers the poisoned milk (or whatever) to her. The movie was supposed to end with Grant nonchalantly strolling out to the mailbox to post the letter that was going to put a noose around his neck. Instead (as rewritten to satisfy the studio) it all turns out to have been a silly misunderstanding… ick.

    “Topaz” is an even more extreme case, but that movie sucks no matter which of the 3 endings you go with. The only halfway good part is the Cuban interlude. But enough of this…

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