CPH Marketing FAIL

At the Pastor’s conference last week, CPH had tables with assorted books and stuff.  The sales lady requested copies of “Lutheranism 101”.  CPH sent all sorts of toys, copies of Dr. Kesichnick’s book, and even a book by Dr. Benke.  How many copies of Lutheranism 101 did they send?


The “review copy” that was on the display was borrowed from someone because they didn’t even send one of those.

Either :

1) CPH is shipping them as fast as they can because it is so popular, in which case, marketing really messed up the sales estimate, and should have had more printed.  (Hint to Marketing : Lutherans actually like books about what Lutherans teach)


2) CPH thought the Wyoming District wouldn’t be all that interested in it.

Either way :
Marketing Fail.

So, if anyone from the hallowed halls of our publishing house is reading this post, here is how things work out here :

Paul Cain (Twin brother to Paul McCain) goes through the CPH catalog and lets the local sales rep know what will sell.  He knows the pastors and congregations of the district, and can pretty accurately estimate this.  The local sales rep requests books.  CPH marketing sends different books.  CPH then gets to pay for shipping for all the books Paul Cain suggested to be sent here after pastors order them.

So, CPH, how about we just do this : You email Paul Cain and ask him what to send.  Then send it to your rep.  Then the we buy them and take them home from the conference.  The pastors are happy, the shipping budget is less, and more profit can go into publishing things like the Works of Gerhardt and the Works of Luther.   Which, incidently, we will also buy.

Thank you for your time and attention, and hopefully we can prevent further marketing fails like this.


2 Responses to “CPH Marketing FAIL”

  1. Yup, I would score this one a fail too.

    Have somebody contact me personally next time around before the event and we’ll get things better.

    Re. Lutheranism 101 … it literally had just come into inventory, so I’m not sure how many copies would have been available. And as for “not printing enough”….

    Can you loan me that crystal ball you have? We sure could use it!

    : )

  2. Here is how things work here: conferences are packed in advance of a conference. Lutheranism 101 arrived three weeks early and so we did not have any real expectation that it would be part of your conference. Long story short: Lutheranism 101 had not been received when your particular conference was packed. I am very sure the CPH representative was happy to take your order. The Web Only special currently being offered at cph.org is still the most inexpensive way to acquire the book (ends 10/31/10).

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