The Myth of Law and Gospel Part 4

In answer to recent comments, I report previous comments regarding Law and Gospel.  (Originally posted April 24, 2009)

There have been many anti-nomians throughout history.  In Lutheranism the latest batch of them are the “Gospel reductionists”  (Yes, they are still here.)

The ironic thing about anti-nomianism is that it does not end in a Gospel without law.  Oh no.  When you remove the law, you end up with…


Here’s how it works :

I don’t want to preach so much law.  I just want to preach Gospel.

You want to preach about forgiveness?

No, that requires sin, and without the law there can be no sin.

Interesting, so what is the Gospel?

God loves us.

I see.  And what does that mean for us?

We are loved by God, so we should love one another.

Ahh.  Good luck with that.


It doesn’t matter whether the antinomians end up with a social justice Gospel, a just be kind to others Gospel, a make your decision for Jesus Gospel, or even a universalist Gospel.  Their Gospel is no Gospel at all.  It is law.

Scripture teaches law and Gospel.  Take away the law, and you are left only with law.

In a strange coincidence, the local ELCA church – formed when the LCMS pastor was removed because of his support for seminex and “the Gospel” – decided to name itself… Covenant!

Yes, after objecting to the legalism in the local LCMS church (named Trinity) they went off and named themselves after the law!

The term you are looking for is “Irony”.

Or, as Dr. Mackenzie said regarding seminex, “The ironic thing is that with all that brain power and all that intelligence, they name themselves after something that means, in Latin ‘half-dead’.”


2 Responses to “The Myth of Law and Gospel Part 4”

  1. Dude, you’re brilliant.

  2. By Dr. MacKenzie’s lights, maybe they should have tried “Revenant Lutheran Church”…

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