Peasants Meet With Papal Delegation

Back when I rabble-roused, the chances of getting an audience with papal representatives was between slim and none.  Of course, the audience was not with the pope himself, but they did manage to snag the archbishop of Mainz.

Anyway,  here is the press release (word for word, as requested by the aforementioned parties thereunto) :

On October 1st, 2010 3 representatives of the ACELC, Pastor Bolland, Pastor Bremer and Rev Drew Newman met with 3 representatives of the LCMS Council of Presidents, V.P Herb Mueller, D.P. Russ Sommerfeld and V.P. Ray Mirly, and  we formulated the following PUBLIC news release concerning our meeting. If this is riposted elsewhere  it must read exactly the way it reads below, as this is what we agreed to in the meeting.

Report of the “Group of Six” ­ (Richard Bolland, Daniel Bremer, Ray Mirly, Herbert Mueller, Drew Newman, Russ Sommerfeld)

1. We met in St. Louis October 1, 2010, and had fraternal discussion.

2. All six agree we have theological issues that need to be discussed under the Word of God.

3. The way we pastors talk and think about one another needs also to be brought under the Word of God.

4. Together we seek and support a process of the whole Synod to come to agreement on and to resolve these issues under the word of God.


So… they all agreed what the date was and what city they were meeting in.  Well, I suppose they are moving faster than the talks during the Korean War.  They also basically agreed that President Harrison was right when he wrote “It’s time.”   I guess that’s a first step, of sorts…

PS.  I’m guessing they also agreed that Ray Mirly is a DP, not a VP.


2 Responses to “Peasants Meet With Papal Delegation”

  1. Typos aside . . . since many have said in numerous forums that we would be marginalized and ignored, that didn’t prove to be true, did it?

    • forestboar Says:

      I don’t recall ever saying that myself. But then, I don’t recall what I had for breakfast this morning. I am glad that you were not marginalized. I have both been there and done that, and it isn’t fun.

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