I may just have to take a look

Over at Firstthings, there is a comment about a new novel that is out : an ex-CIA agent turned LCMS pastor(!!??!)  It’s not often you see an LCMS Lutheran as the protagonist of a novel.  Sure Paul Maier did it, but then he is a member of the LCMS and was writing a  religious novel.  (I mean, what, he’s going to feature a Buddhist hero?)

However, I do take issue with one thing.  According to the article, he is pastor of Saint Mary’s Lutheran on Long Island.  As any member of hte LCMS knows, there is not a single Saint Mary’s parish to be found in all of Missouridom.  My objection, of course, is not with the novel, but with the synod.  We should not make it impossible for fictional-CIA-agent-turned-LCMS-pastors to serve a parish called Saint Mary’s.  It’s just rude of us.

Any parishes willing to help out?  (I’ve subtly floated the idea at my own, but would you really displace the name of the Holy Trinity?  I could see changing a “Saint Paul’s” or a “Saint John The Divine”, or any one of the numerous place names – Bethany, Nazareth – but to replace the name of Almighty God? It just seems sacrilegious.

…And they didn’t seem like they would go for it. )

Right now he is at 200,000+ sales rank.  I’m out of library money for the year, but will order it the first of 2011.  See how far the rank moves.  (We need more LCMS protagonists).  Or, order directly through createspace, and give him twice the commission.

4 Responses to “I may just have to take a look”

  1. I always wanted to name a new mission “Our Lady of the Reformation.” And no, not after Katie Luther, but after the BVM. 🙂

  2. One of my Dad’s sem classmates was an ex-CIA agent. This is no lie. Unfortunately, if I recall the scuttlebutt correctly, his ministry was cut short by some scandal or other. You would think ex-spooks would know how to cover their tracks better….

  3. The “St. Mary’s Lutheran Church” gimmick has been used by for. Sort of like a “555” phone prefix, it’s sort of a writerly convention to avoid confusion with real-world examples. “Names have been changed to protect the author,” etc.

  4. At a previous congregation, a statue of Christ was ordered from Italy for the altar of the new church. Something was lost in translation and the statue arrived with the “sacred heart” on its chest. [The statue was replaced with a conventional Lutheran model.]
    This led the dedication preacher to suggest that the congregation had muffed its chance to be the only “Sacred Heart Lutheran Church” in LCMS.

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