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Liturgy Comment

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Wise words from my wife :

“The liturgy isn’t visitor friendly, but it is kid friendly.”


What are you waiting for?

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If you haven’t ordered the biography “Life of Luther”, I have a deal for you.  I received the following from :

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“WOW!” says I.  What a deal.  You don’t want to miss out on this.  Order today, and you can soon curl up with a great book.


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So, a Lutheran Pastor who disagrees with Luther about John 6 (and actually sees the entire Gospel as a commentary on the Sacraments) writes a sermon on John 4.  He manages to link it to the real presence – taking a nice pot shot at those who deny it – and further, the entire definition of the church, showing how, without the real presence, you lose all definition of the church itself.

Listen to the sermon that one of the hearers called, “not only interesting, but brilliant.” Click HERE.  Or HERE.  Or even HERE.


Wait a minute… What???

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So, a man seeks an injunction barring the state from executing him because he questions whether the drug they are using is safe.  I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that the drug is supposed to be unsafe.  It is supposed to kill you.

The judge granted it, the ninth circuit (Motto : “SCOTUS Uverturnus”) upheld it, and he Supremes only overturned by a 5-4 vote.

It’s the death penalty.  It’s supposed to kill him.  And causing suffering is not to be totally equated with “cruel or unusual.”  In point of fact, in some cases it may actually be “absolutely justified and completely normal” punishment.  A guy who committed murder after escaping from prison where he was serving time for second degree murder.  Not too concerned on my part.  Not suggesting drawing and quartering, but I don’t think a few seconds of discomfort on his part as the state justly takes his life would keep me awake at night.  Not even if I was on the jury.  Or pushed the plunger on the medication.  (Although the needle would likely cause me to pass out.  I have a thing about them.)

That’s not it.

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I read a post on facebook by a formerly-Lutheran friend (the formerly is the Lutheran part, not the friend part) who is now (big surprise) Eastern Orthodox.  He said that most Lutherans he talks to have the largest problem with Eastern Ecclesiology.   If only they can get past that, he said, then they have no problem with Eastern teaching.

I must confess that, what little I know of Eastern Ecclesiology doesn’t really bother me.  As far as I can tell, the only problems a Lutheran might have with Eastern Ecclesiology from a Lutheran perspective are much the same as the problems I see with modern Lutheran Ecclesiology from a Lutheran perspective.

My beef with Eastern Theology has very little to with Ecclesiology, except as it may relate to the real problems a Lutheran (or anyone interested in what the Word of God has to say) would find in Eastern theoogy, which are :

1) Original Sin (They don’t have a doctrine of it.  They call something that, and say, “See, here it is”, but they mean something vastly different.  In truth, they don’t really seem to take sin all that seriously.  And since it is going to kill me, I’m definitely going to want it addressed.  Especially since scripture does.  Pretty much everywhere but the first and last two chapters of the book.)

2) Prayers to Saints.  (Don’t do them.  There is absolutely no scriptural evidence that they do any good.  This friend once pointed out that our Lutheran confessions distinguish between two types of prayer to saints, and only condemn one.  True; they only condemn the propitiatory prayers.  The rest they call useless.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement.)

Now, of course, these things will effect their ecclesiology, but the ecclesiology is not the problem.  And, also of course, it’s so hard to pin down the East on Doctrine, that you may as well try and staple jello to a wall.  But ultimately, there are serious doctrinal differences between the justification-based church of the reformation (and the apostles, prophets, saints, etc.) and the becoming like God-based church of the East.(And Rome, the Reformed, etc.)

PS.  Posts like this are a great way to find any EO lurkers.  They can’t resist blasting Lutheranism.  I say blast away.  Those who leave Wittenberg for Constantinople generally misunderstand exactly what the Lutheran confessions teach.  They spend too much time listening to people who are trying to “Reclaim Something” that was never there in the first place, make that the straw man for Lutheranism, and then take pot-shots at some sort of strange Luthero-Evangelical hybrid that gnesio-Lutherans have always fought against anyway.

Cause and Effect

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This past Sunday was Oktoberfest at the church.  Brats, German Potato Salad, Sauerkraut.  Lot’s of Sauerkraut.

I always consider the week after Sauerkraut-fest to be “incense every day for Matins” week.   It’s nice when Pragamtism meets piety.

You can say that again.

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So, with my world’s-most-boring hobby of looking at church websites, I will often add to it the world’s most extreme-boring hobby – looking at district websites.

One of our districts (not my own) keeps coming up as “Untrusted connection” in my web browser.  I wonder if they have just been infected by a virus, or if my web browser has suddenly become theologically sentient…