No, it isn’t a new radio station playing “All the hits, all the time”.  Nor is it an abbreviation for a sandwich shop (With Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato).  It is the abbreviation for our new synod “emphasis”.  (Well, at least they aren’t calling it a “movement.”  I think I liked “program” better.  But then, the 80’s were my formative years.)

It stands for Witness, Mercy, Life together.

I like it.  But it is more than an “emphasis.”  If you have read President Harrison’s book, “Lord Have Mercy”  you know that these three things are what the POTS sees as the substance of the life of the church militant.   We witness to our Lord, show mercy to our neighbor, and live our life in communion with other Christians.

The LCMS website has been changed to reflect this.  The scrolling banner of new stuff brings up the following three items first, in this order : “Who is Jesus”, “Building Homes and Hope in Haiti”, and “View Highlights from the Installation Service.”  Witness, Mercy, Life Together.  I suspect that we will be seeing our synod publications take on the WMLT emphasis in a lot of subtle (and often not so subtle) ways.

This is a good thing.


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