So, I go to drop my son off for school today (He is in Kindergarten), and I find the following sign posted on the fence at the school :

If you look, I call the file the PCSD (Platte County School District) Stupidity Notice.

First, this is a K-2 school.  So, yes, I want my child to learn to read and then ask, “What does ‘sex’ mean.”  Because in first or second grade, it is the only word on the sign he will know.

Second, this is patently absurd.  Do you think the sex offenders aren’t already told this when they are released from custody?  Before Wyoming changed the law (FOR THE CHILDREN!), only high risk sex offenders were listed publicly on the website.  Guess how many of those there were… 1.  In Platte county there was one.  In other words, you may as well have posted a sign outside of his house.

Third, This sign is designed to scare the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks out of parents, so that they will understand the DANGER the children face when they go to school and will willingly acquiesce to whatever new safety measures are put in place in the new “lock-down school” mentality, which includes doors to classrooms that can only be opened remotely from the office.   Utter insanity.  Statistically, the children are in far greater danger from the teachers or teacher’s aides, the high school kid you get for baby-sitting, or even Uncle Bud, then they are from strangers on the street.

Fourth, this will not stop a single person from breaking the law.  “Well, here I am, Joe sex offender out for my daily molestation run to the local public school… What it that?  Oh no. A sign saying I can’t come in.  Foiled again!”  I’m sorry, this is the real world, not some grown up version of Ralphie’s fantasy world in “A Christmas Story.”

Remember back in the 80’s when kids would go trick or treating, and then the parents would take them to McDonalds so the police could scan the candy with metal detectors in order to find the thousands of razor blades that psycho’s were putting in the candy.  I do.  It was funny.  But stupid.

This is not funny.

It is stupid.  And potentially harmful.


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