An Elephant’s faithful 100 percent.

He meant what he said and he said what he meant.

President Cripe elaborated on his blog post regarding “Desk Job” pastors.  He said :

Indeed. If that needs to happen, then Synod will need to reconfigure the size and scope of a District. I would be very happy to be a DP and pastor, provided I only had 30-50 congregations to supervise. But to move in the direction we seem to be headed, of making districts larger, at least 200 congregations each, will not allow that kind of change to happen very easily, in my opinion. Perhaps the study of districts commissioned by the recent convention will help us rethink what District leadership expectations congregations and church workers need to have.
Thanks for your comments!
President Cripe

Kudos to President Cripe for the courage to say out loud what many have been thinking for years.   I would willingly serve  on a committee to study this issue and make recommendations to the synod.   Of course, my experience makes me absolutely unqualified to offer anything of substance to such a discussion.  (Beyond, “Yeah, you should do that!”)  So I merely offer my own encouragement to him that he not give up the fight on this one.  Keep at it.  Maybe eventually you will be heard, and those hearing will listen to you.

Here’s hoping that President Cripe – who should know a thing or two about the topic – gets the opportunity to serve on such a committee, and that he has some good influence on the outcome.

Perhaps I will live to see the end of the professional Ecclesiastical Supervisor, and a return to a more scriptural and confessional approach to church structure.


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