We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Sobering article on the worldwide problem of plunging baby rates. He looks at income, costs, incentives, and government programs.

My favorite part :

…you’re talking $1.1 million to raise a single child. That’s a lot of money for a middle-class couple. In 2007, the median income for Americans in their prime child-bearing years (ages 25 to 34) was just $30,846 (or $40,739 for those with a college degree). People like to say that buying a house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Well, the median price of a home in 2008 was $180,100. Having a baby is like buying six houses, all at once. Except that you can’t (legally) sell them—and after 13 years they’ll tell you they hate you

Read the whole thing here, and then go out and have a baby.

It turns out that when God said, “Be fruitful and multiply”, he wasn’t just wistlin’ Dixie.


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