More on ACELC

Pr. Peperkorn continues his look at the ACELC over at Lutheran Logomaniac.

I didn’t notice him post about it on facebook (and can’t check because FB is down this afternoon).  Either he didn’t mention it, or I missed it.   But once again, I agree with what he says.

Of course, this is not a weakness of ACELC per se.  It is an indictment of the system which they criticize.  So, while his title is technically correct (ACELC is not helpful), the discussion has moved away from why they are un-helpful (that is, why they work against the very thing they seek to fix) to why they are simply not helpful (why they make no difference.)  Of course, if enough people demanded it, perhaps they would be of some use, so perhaps in his estimation the problem is not one of tactic as much as it is scale. (While I would argue the problem is tactics – though I don’t disagree with his current analysis)

In any event, the problem he highlights could be solved very simply :


A point made very elegantly, I believe, by President Cripe over at his own President’s blog (and which I mentioned in my previous post)  Which I forgot to link to. It is HERE, in case you wondered.


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