The submission driven life

If you received a flier in the mail for a brand new program, and the logo of the publisher was obscured, and the cover said this :

“A program series with a whole-congregation emphasis to lead individuals to a closer daily walk with God.”

Whom would you think was the publisher?  Zondervan?  Fuller?

What if you opened it up, and inside found the following outline for each of the five steps :

“What is God calling me to do? What does God provide us to fulfill our part in His plan? What is the end result of submitting our lives to God? How does God bless us when we surrender to His will?”

What church would assume was behind it?  Saddleback?  Willow Creek?

Suppose you read further and found the following for the last week of the program:

“Week 5: Receive – Live lives in expectation of God’s abundance.  God shows us how to truly live with an expectation of His goodness in our lives.  Christ demonstrates that we should expect good things from God.  Our focus changes from hoping God might help us to knowing that he will.  We see this play out in the lives of other believers; therefore, we can be assured that God will keep that same promise with us.  God keeps the promises He made to us in teh bible.  God blesses us with confidence and reassurance in His promise.”

Whom would suppose was the author?  Joel Osteen?  Joyce Meyer?

Hello?  …

Doctrinal Review?  …

Are you there? … … …


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