We are the change we seek.

Speaking of change, the Reverend Father Steve Anderson of Chicago noted on FB that the LCMS seal, which had been declared not for public use by the previous administration, is now being plastered all over the website.  Unfortunately, the only logo you can find in the LCMS graphics library is the following:

Hopefully in the next few days, that will change.

Ironically, you can find the seal used countless times online, mostly by churches that didn’t get the memo.  If you want a nice large one, here it is. (To see it full size, click on it, then click again when the new page loads.)


2 Responses to “We are the change we seek.”

  1. Really! I did not know that the LC-MS seal was “mothballed” by the previous administration. That’s disappointing. It’s a grand old seal.

  2. […] Again, the power of image is not to be dismissed.  A lesson for those in the church. […]

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