Not for the Pious

It’s a guilty pleasure, I’ll admit.  They are not exactly not safe for work, but you wouldn’t want to watch them there anyway.  They are definitely not safe for children.  So, again, for the pious, just stop reading and come back tomorrow when I post my sermon.

However, if you like sci-fi movies, and have a lot of time to kill, go over to Red Letter Media. He does hour-long movie reviews of Star Trek and Star Wars movies (Prequels, not the originals, which are pretty much perfection.)  For those who enjoyed the prequels, you may not want to watch.  For those, like me, who spent their entire childhood salivating over the prospect of an adulthood filled with more awesome Star Wars movies, only to have the hopes and dreams of their entire wasted youth chewed up, spat out and then smashed under the boot heel of George Lucas’s greed, you will probably think this man is the best film  critic ever.

They also do Avatar, and for some unknown reason, Baby’s Day Out.

Oh, and they are also doing a monster movie homage to the cheesy “gremlin”-like films of the 80’s.


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