Small, Grande, Venti

We have Luther’s Small catechism, and to explain it, we have the synodical catechism.  If only Luther himself would have written a longer version of the small catechism to explain it.  Perhaps he could have preached a sermon series or something, and then we would have sermons that are proclamatory and explain the small catechism.  (Which is what catechesis is.  If you have a workbook, you are not catechizing, you are filling heads full of facts for victory at Bible Baffle.)  But of course, what to call it : The Grande catechism, the Venti catechism, the half-caf-no-foam-double-shot-latte catechism?  It’s probably for the best that he didn’t write another longer version of the small catechism.  We wouldn’t know what to call it if he did.  And we probably wouldn’t use it for instruction anyway.


One Response to “Small, Grande, Venti”

  1. We could call it the Large Catechism but I think that one is already taken 😉

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