Silly Forestboar

The Forestboar did a rather foolish thing.  We had church yesterday (that’s not it) and, well, it was the feast of the nativity of Our Lady, and well (as Luther would say, “can you smell the roast…”).

Anyway, later today I think I will call Thrivent and find out about openings for salesmen.  In the meantime, download and listen to what very well may be the only Lutheran Sermon you will ever hear on the Nativity of the Ever Virgin Mary. (And no, I wasn’t dumb enough to call her that in the sermon.)

PS.  I didn’t do a full-on celebration (paraments, readings, hymns) because those were already set when I wrote the sermon.  I tried to tie it all together with the appointed readings for this past Sunday.  Not sure if it worked.  Listen for yourself and decide how well I did.


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